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Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit boxes are located in the Millbury Main Office. They are a private and secure place to store valuables and documents. Access to safe deposit boxes is available during normal business hours. Safe deposit boxes are only available to customers of the bank. 

Money Orders

Money Orders are cash or check substitutes that can be purchased in amounts up to $500. They are generally accepted as cash.

Cashiers Checks

Cashiers Checks are cash or check substitutes that can be purchased in amounts over $500. They are generally accepted as cash and made payable to a specified party.

Notary Public

Millbury National Bank offers notary public services in both the main office in Millbury or the branch in Grafton. Notary public services are always available during normal office hours.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a safe and convenient way to electronically transfer funds directly into your Millbury National Bank account. Deposit your payroll or Social Security checks without having to visit the bank.

Coin Redemption

Our South Grafton Branch features a state-of-the-art coin redemption machine! Have loose change at home? In your car? Saving for something special? Turn that change into quick cash by using our coin redemption machine. Customers have the ability to choose to deposit their change into their account for immediate use, or take the cash amount to reward yourself, have a nice night out on the town...or whatever your heart desires!

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